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Supreme Court of Lithuania

Bulletin "Court Practice"

Bulletin “Teismų Praktika” (Court Practice)

Since 1995, the Supreme Court of Lithuania has been issuing a bulletin “Teismų Praktika” (Court Practice). Until the middle of 2006, there have been published 24 issues of the Bulletin (generally 2 issues per year). The Bulletin includes the rulings found by the Divisions of the Supreme Court as being the most important, methodical material - summary reviews of the court practice, summaries of judgements passed by the European Court of Human Rights and other information. The Bulletin also presents information about the most significant events in the activity of the Supreme Court.

The bulletin “Teismų Praktika” (Court Practice) is published in the Lithuanian language. It is also available on the website of the Supreme Court of Lithuania http://www.lat.lt/?item=tpbiul&lang=1